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2008. november 25.

A sajtóközlemények már nem csak a sajtónak szólnak Amerikában - 2008 június

A sajtóközlemény már nem csak a pr-esek eszköze. Valójában a marketingesek és a kis cégek tulajdonosai ma ugyanolyan gyakran használják, mint a PR-szakmában dolgozók. A Society for New Communications Research tanulmánya szerint.

Furthermore, the press release was once used to attract the attention of journalists and media outlets. Now, it is used to accomplish a much greater range of goals including reaching bloggers, driving website traffic, and search engine optimization (SEO).

More than 420 marketing and public relations professionals, as well as small business owners participated in a detailed online survey that was available from March 31 - April 16, 2008. The questionnaire asked respondents how and why they use online press releases and how they measure the value of online press releases.

Top findings include:
  • The press release is becoming a communications tool for both public relations and marketing professionals alike. Approximately one-third of respondents were marketing professionals (32.9%); 30% were public relations professionals. Small business owners and self-employed individuals accounted for 23.7% of those who issue online press releases, acording to the survey.
  • New goals and priorities for press releases are emerging. In addition to reaching the press and announcing news, today’s top priorities for those issuing online press releases include: increasing visibility and credibility for the organization, directly reaching customers, making content available to online users, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Bloggers have joined traditional media as highly valued targets. Respondents indicated that reaching bloggers and new media outlets were nearly as high a priority as reaching traditional media. Seventy-three percent indicated that it is “important to very important” to reach traditional media via their online press releases while 67.7% indicated that it is “important to very important” to reach bloggers and new media outlets. For small business owners, reaching bloggers and social media sites was slightly more important than reaching traditional media.
  • Measures of value and success are changing. Respondents rank their top measures of value for their online press releases by how many times the press release is published on other websites and the number of online views of the release. Both of these metrics rated higher than articles or media interview requests based on the release. In fact, respondents indicated that the most important placements for the releases are online news aggregators, such as Google News, Yahoo News and online news sites like Reuters and Topix, followed by blogs and social media sites. In addition, respondents noted that the two most valuable aspects of issuing online news releases is the opportunity for SEO and the opportunity to reach both consumers and customers directly, as well as traditional media.
  • PR and marketing professionals have different priorities and perspectives. Respondents who identified themselves as public relations professionals noted they primarily use online press releases to announce news and enhance thought leadership, while respondents who identified themselves as marketing professionals stated their priorities as SEO optimization for the organization’s website and reaching customers and consumers. Small business owners stated that they use online press releases as a sales tool to reach customers and consumers.
  • Hard measures of value and success are a challenge. Respondents stated that their top challenges in maximizing the value of issuing online press releases include: “cutting through the clutter,” targeting and distribution, affordability and measurement and metrics. “Respondents seemed to want to measure the value of their online releases as they would an ad or marketing campaign,” stated Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu, SNCR research fellow and assistant professor in communication studies at Clemson University. “They stated that they would like to be able to measure ‘eyeballs’ and ‘dollar value’. “
“This study indicates that this basic PR tool is branching out and evolving from press release to news release. The results show that other professions besides PR use news releases for purposes other than media relations. Reaching out to bloggers and new media was an expected result, but the news release is used to reach out directly to the public, not only to the ‘press’,” added Vorvoreanu.”Press releases are still an important tool for PR professionals, but the broad range of benefits and increased accessibility have allowed a wider variety of professionals - including marketers and small business owners — to use the medium to share compelling stories,” commented Jiyan Wei, Vocus, online product manager, PRWeb and a member of the SNCR’s Vendor Council and Advisory Board. “News releases are not just for the Fortune 500, but have become a valuable tool for smaller businesses to increase their sales and create publicity.”

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