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[David Ogilvy]
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2013. július 17.

EN - Az Amazon a legkedveltebb márka Amerikában, a Google az ötödik, 2013. július

Meaningful Brands is the first global analytical framework to connect human well-being with brands at a business level. It measures the benefits brands bring to our lives – both on a personal level and for the community. It’s unique in both scale – 700 brands, over 134,000 consumers, 23 countries – and scope. It measures the impact of a brand’s benefits alongside its impact on 13 different areas of well-being (health, happiness, financial, relationships, community, et al) for a 
full view of its effect on our quality of life.

Global findings
  • The Meaningful Brands Index outperforms the stock markets by 120% - an outperformance on par with the top hedge funds
  • The majority of people worldwide wouldn't care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow
  • Only 20% of brands worldwide are seen to meaningfully positively impact people's lives
Market Findings USA
  • In the US, this disconnection is higher: people would not care if 92% of brands disappeared; and only 9% of brands notably contribute to improving people’s quality of life 
  • Unmet expectations explain this: 
    • In the US, 64% of consumers agree that large companies should be actively involved in solving social / environmental problems
    • 71% think companies and brands should play a role in improving our quality of life and well-being
    • Only 36% think that brands work hard at improving our quality of life and well-being
    • Just 40% of people in the US generally trust brands
  • Personal well-being and emotional connection have become increasingly important in 2013. Nevertheless, the most meaningful global brands take a holistic approach, balancing both personal and collective well-being 
  • Meaningfulness varies across categories: 
    • Travel & Tourism and Retail are the most valued
    • Consumer Goods, Finance & Insurance and Auto brands are at the bottom of the list
Sector and brand findings USA
  • Family, Value/Savings, Stability/Safety and Health are the top increasing priorities, while Luxury/Social Status and Entertainment are the top declining priorities 
    • Amazon and Target are ranked as No.1 and No.2 (respectively) in 2013, reflecting consumers’ increasing demand for value
    • On the contrary, luxury consumer brands are lagging behind in Meaningful Brand Index
  • Brands that are growing significantly in meaningful terms:
    • Top Flourishing Brands (rank in top 20 and show significant positive growth since 2011) include: Target, Google, Sony, Microsoft
      • Target is especially flourishing in meaningful terms and people show more attachment to the brand than in 2011
      • Other brands that sharply increase their MBindex: Hyundai, BBVA, Kia, Mars, Panasonic and Wal-mart 
    • Hyundai shows the highest growths in MB index: 8%
    • 44% of brands measured in both the current and 2011 Meaningful Brands study wavesshowed a positive lift in their contribution to people’s quality of life and attachment
  • Two Auto brands are becoming increasingly meaningful for promoting energy efficiency(Hyundai) and fair prices (Kia)
  • Technological brands are becoming increasingly meaningful, not only for making our lives easier but mostly because they help us connect and socialize with others: Panasonic, Apple, Sony, Google, Samsung, Microsoft
  • “Functional” brands (retailers) become meaningful for democratizing people’s access to wellbeing, enhancing better daily lifestyles and delivering more human value: Target, Walmart, Amazon.
Top ten brands USA
  1. AMAZON 
  6. KRAFT
  7. GLAD
  10. ORAL B
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